Reading Platforms Master Post

Note: This post will be updated continuously. It’s not as thorough as I want it to be, but I wanted to publish it more than I wanted to wait until my second hip dislocation was fully healed (and potentially get stuck in bed for another month or two in case i have the same injury again). It’ll be updated very soon, assuming I can sit more than a few minutes without severe pain.

Not only is today’s post late, but also a little different. I don’t really talk about parenting on this blog, since it’s not the focus, nor do I usually make posts that target parents or other legal guardians.

Well, today that is exactly what this post is about. Well, it’s targeting parents to keep their kids safe, so it sort of touches on parenting.

This post came to be during a bout of insomnia (which I still suffer from) when I went into a webnovel/webcomic binge (which I’m still in). I decided to explore different platforms, considering making some batch posts covering them. This was all fine and dandy until I came across a platform with highly questionable content, with users mentioning their young ages. My worry, as a parent, for these kids (who clearly need a lesson in internet safety themselves) led me to the decision to make a post covering all platforms I can find and access (and understand!)… and here we are. Continue reading “Reading Platforms Master Post”

The Little Prince

‘The men were you live,’ said the little prince, ‘grow five thousand roses in the same garden … and do not find what they are looking for …’
‘They do not find it,’ I replied.
‘And yet, what they are looking for could be found in a single rose or a little water.’
‘Yes, indeed,’ I replied.
And the little prince added: ‘But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.’

LittleprinceA pilot is stranded in the African desert and while trying to fix his plane, he meets a little prince who has come to earth from a small asteroid. The pilot tells us the tale of how he met the little prince, what the little prince tells him and how the little prince left earth.

This is a very philosophical short story and what I noticed the most is how it remarks on how adults are strange, but it also critiques society. It was a very good read, however, it was a pretty slow read for me, despite being short. It took me a month and a half to get through it. But the story is food for thought and reading it slowly is good, so you can reflect upon what you read. It’s that kind of story.

I liked it and I think it’s worth a read, especially if you like to get some food for thought.

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Kimi no Kachi

17725lKimi no Kachi is a collection of romance short stories with a school theme.

You Win (Kimi no Kachi)
Ayu doesn’t like Kataoka. Early in the school year she accidentally got coffee from the vending machine and tried to give it to him. He didn’t want it and then he got another coffee for himself. That left Ayu with the impression that he’s mean. But when the seats change in class, she starts changing her mind. Continue reading “Kimi no Kachi”

Lore no Mori -forest of lore-

27291lDo you know about “lore”?
A lore is an urban legend. These stories are spread by spoken word, so no one knows which ones are real and which ones are fake.
The stories you know.
The stories you don’t know.
Can you tell…
if they are fact or fiction?

There is a site, Lore no Mori, that collects urban legends. But the site can only be accessed if you’re invited and the URL supposedly is changed all the time. However, the ones that has accessed the site is said to be struck by misfortune…

Forest of Lore (Lore no Mori)
Eiko has accessed to the Forest of Lore site and is looking into a ghost story that could be from her school. She gets her friend Hiiko involved and eventually Shiomi Nakura, a classmate of theirs, too get involved. Eiko shows him the website since he too has access to the site, and he tells her it’s a fake. Where did the site come from from…?

Continue reading “Lore no Mori -forest of lore-“

Hotarubi no Mori e

6325lHotarubi no Mori is a collection of four short stories by Yuki Midorikawa. The theme through the volume is love and each of the stories represent a season. The title story – Hotarubi no Mori e, has been made into an animated film by the same crew that made Natsume Yuujinchou.

Overhearing a Flower Song
Shima has noticed music comes from the old building, and she’s curious about it because she likes it. One day she hears a boy, Fujimura, hum the melody and she start taking notice of him, until she one day takes a look and sees him teaching another girl guitar, and eventually she starts learning the guitar too. Continue reading “Hotarubi no Mori e”

Little Girl Lost

91xOLfbXFkL._SL1500_Tavera is an orphaned part-elf who’s sold to a sausage-making woman. The girl quickly learns how to work around the shop to not get a beating and doesn’t find the life too bad. When her employer is out, Tavera takes the opportunity to play with some interesting items she found in a hidden storage. But one day the store is robbed and in her despair, Tavera forgets to remove some ribbons she put in her hair and the woman founds her wearing them with the sausage machine missing part. In fury she cuts Tavera’s ear as Tavera runs for all she’s worth.

This is a prequel to Thieves at Heart, the first book in a series called The Valley of Ten Crescents by Tristan J. Tarwater. Short stories can be tricky – especially prequels – in my opinion. Sometimes you give away too much, sometimes you build up some mystery. Tarwater did well in this regard. However there were some spelling mistakes. I can forgive that though, as the story was well done and I really wanted to read Thieves at Heart right away afterwards to see what happened to Tavera, also hoping to learn more about Tavera’s past.

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Little Girl Lost (The Valley of Ten Crescents #0) (Kindle Edition)