Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

Who am I?

What am I?

Where did I come from?

Where am I going?

Loved by no one.
Needed by no one.
If my existence
holds no meaning,
then why am I here?

2016-01-14-131618The year is 1853 and the Royal Guard is on a mission to catch a monster. They have found the unkept mansion and there they find a girl. A girl with poisonous skin and blood. Without any resistance Cardia is captured and to some extent she is relieved as she thinks that she might be killed. She has spent the past two years alone after all. She needs to be alone to avoid hurting anyone. But the girl, who is not supposed to know love, is taken away from the Royal Guard by the Dashing Gentleman Thief and her story of love is beginning. Continue reading

One Billion Rupiah Girl


Sevin is one unlucky guy. He’s coworker made his boss force him to do more work, his girlfriend broke up with him, his father is selling a cellphone – that Sevin gave to his younger sister – to get money for gambling and he feels like the entire world is against him. That’s when he finds a girl who’s fainted in an alley. It’s Sarah, who claims to be homeless and an orphan, but she has a lot of money in her pocket. Continue reading

Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia0228Orion (CV: Hiromi Igarashi) is a spirit that, while on his way to the human world for some business, accidentally crashed into the Heroine and in the place of her memories, he got stuck inside her consciousness. He says he will help her to get her memories back, but as he is a spirit on she can see him and he’s not able to touch and affect the human world. But first the need to go her world to start gathering information. She shuts her eyes and chooses what feels right… Continue reading

Android series: Pirates in Love

unnamedThe heroine works in a bar when one day a band of pirates comes and makes a ruckus. That’s when the heroine meets the Sirius pirates, who saves her by letting her escape. The girl hides in a barrel to her escape, but by the time she thinks she’s safe, she can’t get out. The barrel she entered was the pirate ship Sirius’ cargo. As they are at sea, she’s allowed to stay and is given the option to join if she wants. Eventually they decided she actually did join, and this is when things start going less smoothly… Continue reading

Android series: Alice in the Heart ~Wonderful Wonder World~

Screenshot_2015-04-01-17-16-23One day while in the garden Alice Liddell spots a white rabbit in a suit. It talks and then turns to human, before taking Alice to Wonderland. There an adventure resulting in love awaits her. Continue reading

Long Live The Queen

Skärmavbild 2015-01-05 kl. 22.06.50Elodie is the princess of Nova. She’s 14 years old. And her mother has passed away, so she has to get ready to take over the throne for her 15th birthday. In these next months she has to learn all about running a country and about how to deal with the rest of the world. It’s not easy for a 14-year-old, and when dangers lurk in every corner, it’s a difficult task Elodie has. Continue reading

Narcissu Side 2nd

Narcissu_-Side_2nd-_LogoSetsumi Sakura (CV: Rino Ayakawa) is ill and has been going in and out of the hospital for a while and has since long stopped going to school. One day she meets a friendly woman who offers her ice cream. It’s Setsumi’s first friend in a long time and she starts visiting the woman at the hospice. Setsumi is taken on adventures with the woman, sometimes as simple to plant flowers, and sometimes they go further away, by car. Continue reading

Android series: 10 Days with my Devil

This is the first entry in my Crappy Android Otome Games series, or for short just “Android series”. These games don’t necessarily have to be bad and I might play something else than otome games if I’m out of ideas what to play or I just can’t afford buying a story/chapter/whatever.

This series will be posted monthly and how many stories/routes/chapters I play is entirely about how much money I’m forced to spend. I started out with 10 Days with My Devil by Voltage and it’s also available on iOS, much like Voltage’s other romance games.Screenshot_2015-03-01-15-01-09

The heroine has the luckiest day in her life: She wins a lottery she didn’t join, she is given brand shoes on random, a hot guy asks her out to dinner the same evening and the day seems like it would be absolutely perfect. But when she’s almost home, there’s a deadly explosion and her apartment catches on fire. She was supposed to die in that fire. But she manages to convince the devils who are in charge of taking her soul to give her 10 more days since she’s alive anyway. They agree to let her live just 10 days as long as she chooses one of them to look after her. She now has 10 days to confess to the guy she likes.


Like, one of the funniest things I’ve read for a while.

Continue reading


narcissuName: Setsumi (CV: Rino Ayakawa). Blood type: O. White bracelet. That is really all the protagonist knows about the girl who he runs away with, after being admitted to the ward on the 7th floor. But nonetheless, the two of them runs away from the hospital in his father’s car, as neither he nor Setsumi want to die there or at their homes. Their journey takes them to a daffodil field on Awaji Island. Continue reading

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (reprise)

Hakuoki-LogoI originally wrote a few very long blog posts about this game, but sadly those posts are now gone. I will, however, write what I thought about this otome game base on memory and my notes.

Chizuru Yukimura‘s father hasn’t been in touch with her for some time, and the girl decides to go to Kyoto to find her father, dressed as a boy. In Kyoto she witnesses a Fury attack and is taken in by the Shinsengumi for interrogation of what she saw. After she comes out being a girl and tells them the reason she’s there, the captains of the Shinsengumi allow her to live on the compound, as long as she pretends to be a boy. As time pass she grown close to the captains of the Shinsengumi. Continue reading