Myth and Legends

The cover for Episode 146, which covers a tale from my own home area of the world – Scandinavia.

This is the first podcast review I’ve done! Yay! It also means I’m not getting a single cent from this post. Darn it! This also means the layout of this post is different from my usual layout, even though the content comes in the same order. Think more “Batch Post Entry” and less “10k words long review”. Though I have more to say about this than two paragraphs.

Anyway, the concept of Myth & Legends is exactly what the title is. It’s about myths and legends, and some folklore and fairytales as well. Many games, books, comics, films, and TV shows (and so much more) has gotten inspired by myths, legends, fairytales and folklore and we often might not even know where it came from, so a podcast with that topic can be really interesting to listen to. Myth & Legends is a very international and some things that have been covered are Greek myths, Arthurian legends, Japanese tales, American stories, and the origins of some much beloved Disney films (like one of my favourites – Mulan). Continue reading “Myth and Legends”