J-Novel Club

Originally I was going to throw in a novel in here, but I’m so engrossed in something I’m not going to review (for now, at least) that I simply gave up, because I kept procrastinating and days before the review I was trying to read the light novel. That review will be up at a later date.

However, I realised I still had something I could review and get it done quickly! Considering my recent health issues, no stress is my highest priority and if I rather want to drown myself in something I won’t review (for now), this works out great!

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Discord Nitro

Get chat perks and over 1000$ in games!

That sounds really nice for like a new variant to IRC, doesn’t it? (This is for you who are too young for IRC.) At least if you’re a gamer and play on PC. I mean, there are better services if you use consoles for gaming, probably.

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Crunchyroll Manga

I was thinking of writing about a book or a comic for this post (although I’m painfully aware that my Amnesia Later review is way overdue). As I was choosing not to decide right then and there and I had some terrible days dealing with depression and panic attacks, it hit me – Let me review Crunchyroll’s Manga service!

The website version of Crunchyroll’s manga service.

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