Credits & Disclaimer


The pixel art found on the site is created by pixel artist and game developer Henrique Lazarini. They have a Tumblr and a deviantArt you should check out!


Art used as headers, screenshots from games, and cover art are official art used under to catch interest in the titles or make a point. I use these under Fair Use, but will, if asked by someone who can prove the legitimacy of their right to claim copy right, remove art from headers.

Summaries do not claim to be 100% true to the content, nor do I strive to add every detail, which can lead to misinterpretations, and I may also have misinterpreted what happens in a book or game.

Thoughts are completely mine and I do not think everyone else will agree with me, nor hope anyone to do so. Just because I think something is good or bad does not mean that anyone else should think it’s good or bad, nor do I claim to know what is and isn’t good or bad.

I do not condone to all of the content I review, if part of real life. You will most likely either see a notice if I’m particularly against something or if I feel what I review may romanticises something harmful to people, or I will be very clear in my review I’m not condoning the actions. I am in favour of healthy relationships and therefore would not recommend anyone to take fiction as a model for healthy relationships. If you are unsure whether a relationship you’re reading about on my blog is healthy, please don’t be scared to ask. If you’re in an unhealthy relationship, please turn to professional help if you cannot get out of it.