The World of Fiction can be really confusing. What counts as what? Who is this demographic for? What does all these strange words mean? What can I read/watch/play with my level of language?

Fear not! I’m trying to help, and have put together (or rather am working on) the guides (or lists at times) below.

The Terminology guide includes various words and abbreviations used on The Anny Blog.

The Isekai Guide
Isekai means “other world” and that’s pretty self-explanatory. This guide includes some basic requirements and an ever-growing list of titles that fall into this genre.

The Mahou Shoujo Guide
Mahou Shoujo means “magical girl” and these titles have girls superheroes or otherwise girls with magical powers.
This is my side project to look more in-depth of mahou shoujo and what can count and what doesn’t. It’ll also include a canon later to understand mahou shoujo as a genre and how it’s evolved with time.