On the Bookshelf

With a handful of hurt, a touch of whimsy and sprinkled with laughs and chuckles, Anny’s stories will bring you on journeys through worlds, beyond the stars, and to the cosy café around the corner.

Beyond the Horizon

Webnovel, 2019–current
Young adult, coming-of-age, school life

As an insecure teen, Momoi Tomoki struggles to make friends when high school begins. Never would he have thought that cutting his hair was like cutting the chains of his past, holding him down.

Set in the Japanese “City A” over seven years of Tomoki’s life, Beyond the Horizon shares the journey of self-discovery in an equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching story about bullying, friendship and the importance of bonds between humans.

The Universe

Series of standalone books, 2023
Fantasy — high, low and everything in-between

If earth’s history was affected by deities, demons, angels and fairies, how would history look like and what events would happen?

An ongoing series of stand-alone books that together will tell a story about the universe, but alone each tells a story about individuals.

When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe From the Wrath of God

Webnovel/light novel, 2020–current
Fantasy memoir and travelogue, epic fantasy

Being a witch means being a powerful beast, but being an elemental mage feels like being chained. Unfortunately, being chained means people dare to poke the beast.

Written from the perspective of “evil incarnate” themself, When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe From the Wrath of God shares the lengthy tale of many travels around Wheltem, with friends and foes, loved ones and hated ones.