Tea and Coffee

Two men with no luck with boyfriends. One unknowing Goddess of Fate. One café. Which would you choose? Tea or coffee?

Sakuraba Makoto desperately wants someone to accept him as he is, with his many flaws, find someone that could take away some of his looming sadness. But his emotions can overwhelm even his over family, and it seems he ruins every relationship he has. Is there really no one who won’t run away from him?

Fujiki Arata’s first priority is the work he does at a café open to anyone, whoever they may be or identify as. He loves his job, even with the exhausting work hours. Still, he feels alone. Even talking with customers, his coworkers or the part-timers can take away the loneliness. He knows he needs someone, but no one is willing to accept him. But if it’s because of his passion for his work or that other thing…

By chance, the two of them meet after feeling relationships might just not work out for them. Their meeting ends with a kiss, but was that a one-time thing, or the beginning of something else?

Tea and Coffee is a side story of the coming-of-age story Beyond the Horizon. With romance as its major theme, this novel challenges and questions relationships, and what the most important factor in them is.

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Content Warnings (highlight the section below — May contain spoilers):
Discrimination/Social Injustice: Homophobia; General: Age Difference, Alcohol Consumption, Anxiety, Depression, Dysfunctional Family, Questionable Side Character, Low Self-esteem, Prejudice, Snake, Superficial Main Character; Legal: Mentions of Stalking; Sexual: Mentions, Implied