Writing Update #4

I haven’t written any of these in a while. So I thought I’d give you a general update.

First, about my health: It’s still terrible. I’m holding on, and will be seeing a doctor next week. I hope to be back fully in 2021.

That said, I still work on Beyond the Horizon. I recently finished editing episode 11 and am almost done with the first extra episode. I was planning on being finished a month ago, but my health being as it is, there’s not much I can do about that. Continue reading “Writing Update #4”

Hiatus for unknown amount of time

I hate it every time, but here’s another hiatus notice.

I mentioned issues in December that were seemingly resolved. Well, they weren’t. Since the end of January I’ve been struggling and I’m back to a place where I just can’t keep up with the blogging, because on top of my health I need to focus on getting some income due to sudden expenses I have to make.

This doesn’t just involve blogging though; I’ll put Beyond the Horizon on hiatus as well. I will continue with editing BtH book 1, but I can’t continue to post book 2 and later until my health issue is resolved. It just adds stress to an already stressful situation. Continue reading “Hiatus for unknown amount of time”

The Horror Writer

“What on earth makes you write such horrible things?”

As an author, don’t you just hate that?

This quote really resonated with me. While I’m not a horror writer per se, I have dark and disturbing themes, and supposed-to-be chilling and at times downright frightening scenes in my stories. Depending on which work you look at I may write about abuse, torture, slavery, horrible deaths, human sacrifices… I think you get it. While it’s not particularly often, I have people wonder “Why do you write about [insert something]?”

However, this book isn’t about why (horror) writers write what they write. Nor is it about the what. It’s about the how.

Yes, this is a book on how to write fiction and things related to being a writer. A bit of a behind-the-scenes, if you wish, for the fiction you may or may not read. Continue reading “The Horror Writer”

I almost didn’t write a title for this post… (Beyond the Horizon Episodes 17 & 18)

…so I’m letting you know about it in the very title, because I’m terrible at this title thing.

Every time I sit down with these to write an intro, I think about just how inappropriately appropriate the episode titles of my story are. Many of them can be applied to the world we currently live in. “When it Rains, It Pours”, “Stand Your Ground”, “All Wounds Heal, Some Leave Scars”, “Cause and Effect”, “Challenges”, “Anxieties and Embarrassments”, “Fear”, “There’s a Limit to Everything”, “Choose Your Friends Wisely”, and “Silver Lining” all are things we either feel like is happening or are things we experience and need to keep in mind right now. Some are, of course, more figurative.

If I had known all of these and many more would have been applicable to the year after I wrote the first 92 episodes that I wrote (almost all titled too), I would perhaps have named them very differently. I only thought about how they suited the episodes and not how they would potentially be applicable to the world starting from December 1st and later. I wrote 60.5 Part 3. at the end of November after all, so the past 8 months are (un?)fortunate coincidences with these titles.

But, as the title of Episode 18 goes: My Words are Mine Alone. These are the words I chose, and they will remain my chosen words. Well, for now at least.
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Friends make everything better (Beyond the Horizon Episodes 16 & 17)

We’re in the middle of July. Almost. My schedule means I’m missing the middle of summer with my releases. In Sweden the weather is so-so. Swedish summers are rainy, and the past week has been a mix of shower, sun and thunder. Some times all at once.

I’m not really fond of thunder. In fact, I’m absolutely terrified of it. Whenever there’s any I just want to have somewhere to hide, preferably crawled up in a ball like a cat and be right next to someone.

Why am I talking weather? Well, the summers in Japan can be quite hot and rainy. And because of that, school festivals, like the cultural festival tend to be in autumn, October being the ideal month.

And it’s time for B High and Tomo’s class to begin their next arc in this story…

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The Untamed

Wei Wuxian is part of the Jiang clan, who encourages their disciples to be true to themselves. And Wei Wuxian sure is true to himself. When he visits the Cloud Recesses of the Lan clan, he causes nothing but trouble, and Lan Wangji becomes his main target for his mischief.

However, troubles much bigger than the ones Wei Wuxian creates are stirring the air of the cultivation world, and he, together with Lan Wangji, goes to put together pieces of a puzzle. Continue reading “The Untamed”

Trust is a treasure (Beyond the Horizon Episodes 15 & 16)

I confess. I sometimes get incredibly worried that I bother people when I write reviews or these posts. I hope you’ve gotten used to these though, and I really hope you like the changes that have happened slowly over the past six months. Just like I, this space evolves with time. It needs to evolve with me, or else, one day, we won’t work together anymore, this site and I.

That’s it for my random rambles. What you’re here for isn’t me being sentimental, but my fiction.
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What do you need to confess? (Beyond the Horizon Episodes 14 & 15)

Here we are once again. I’m sitting here during dinner time because a call kept me from working. Oh well.

Today’s episodes of Beyond the Horizon are about limits and confessions. Hmm… I wonder how those go together? Nonetheless, what I wrote last week still stands, and perhaps even more so now.

The world is in chaos for many, we’re slowly getting used to our new reality. In my case, it’s not much of a difference, except I work more. Harder. I have books to review. Yes, I’ll get to those. You may remember I mentioned how we will reach our limit and when we notice we can found away around it. One limit you can’t get around is your physical one. When your body reaches its limits, you have tried too hard. That happened to me last week, and I’ve been ordered rest and calm. Minimum anxiety and panic triggers. I think it’s an interesting coincidence it’s that very chapter I release on Wattpad today.

Episode 14: There’s a Limit to Everything

There are many kinds of confessions. You can confess you’ve acted against the law. You can confess your love to someone. Telling someone something can be incredibly difficult. Guilt, embarrassment, anxiety, shame, anger. All stand before us making it more difficult than it needs to be. In other words, some confessions need every ounce of bravery one can gather. It’s those times we grow just a little bit more.

Episode 15: Confessions

I will only sporadically update Tea and Coffee, however, I am happy to say that the next chapter will be out on Monday. Anyone who subscribes to my Patreon or Donate a coffee gets the unedited version from beginning to end (with one scene removed because… reasons…). It helps out tremendously, especially in times like these.

I also want to add that from on out I won’t link specifically to chapters because I don’t have an URL before they’re posted and as my doctor ordered rest, less stress and less anxiety, I’m trying to minimise those. You see, I heard demonic laughter and scratching under my bed and it’s likely a combination of lots of outside factors, so I want to control what I can so I don’t need to experience the same things again.

Oh, and I will start posting my chapters on Tapas as well. Inkitt, which you may notice, is listed on the story pages though. This is because the final edition of the books will be there as well. Enjoy!

Quote of the Post

“Senpai, that was really unnecessary.”
“Tomo will be fine. No one said anything all day, right? And if Abe says anything I’ll personally beat her up even if it gets me kicked out of school,” Ken said while smiling.
“Ken, that’s terrifying. Please don’t do that. Just, I don’t know, pinch her cheek?”
“That’s some really petty revenge, Tomo.”

Madou Soshi (episode 4)

SPOILER WARNING! If you haven’t listened to episodes 1-3, this review will spoil things for you, even in the thought section where I try to avoid them. I suggest reading the previous Madou Soshi review first.

“Are you talking about the stone wall with more than three thousand rules? There are way too many! I can’t read them all!”

“What era are you talking about? Nowadays it’s four thousand and nineteen of them.”

“Noooo! Let me leave!”

Gi Musen (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki) woke up in a new body he had received to avenge the original owner. After doing so by chance, he hurries away to avoid Ran Bouki (CV: Satoshi Hino). However, he meets the man again regardless, and things don’t quite go the way he expected them to.
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Why are my chapter titles so long? (Episodes 13 & 14 release)

Someone needs to teach me how to pick titles for posts. Lol. But it’s true that my chapter titles can be long at times. For instance, today’s release are Episode 13. One Worth More Than This World and Episode 14. There’s a Limit to Everything. Long, right?

Those who have read Book 1, know what the title of episode 13 is referring to. Those who haven’t, well… Go read it! We all have something or someone we treasure a lot, and you may think that’s the theme of the episode, and while it is to some degree it’s not Tomoki who’s in centre of attention this time, but someone else. Continue reading “Why are my chapter titles so long? (Episodes 13 & 14 release)”