Read Before You Follow

Hello! I see you’re considering following me on Twitter. Well, please allow me to give you some fair warning and share what content you can expect. Choose below to read about that account in particular, or read about them all, page by page. I’ve given some age rates and warnings for each of these, so you know what you (or your child) are getting.

@theannyblog @annyinacastle @danderedere

General Information

Here are some general things that apply to all my accounts.

  • All my accounts are FUB free, meaning you can follow, unfollow and block however you wish. But I’d like to know why if I offended you, if you don’t mind, especially if we’ve talked before.
  • Softblocks (blocking and unblocking so I unfollow ) and/or muting me is perfectly fine. Do note that I might refollow, unaware of you softblocking me. Don’t get offended, I have horrible memory or may think some mistake happened because I slipped with a finger at some point.
  • My DMs are always open, but I like them to be on topic. I block people who DM me off-topic content, unless one of two applies: You’re a friend, or you seek emotional support.
  • I tend to follow people I find interesting or who I’ve had positive interactions with, so your best bet is always to @ me on Twitter.