Trading Corner

Oh, so you want to do a trade! Congratulations! However, there are some things to know:

  • The things I want are mainly games, but I can trade to get an anime series, a book or a comic series. If it’s anime or comics, I want the entire series, and anime should be region 2 DVDs or region B BDs.
  • I only trade so I receive a physical game in working condition, or still in plastic wrap if never used. The reason for this is that I want to have working games to review. I can’t review a game that isn’t working, after all.
  • You may not spread my address to anyone. Naturally, the same goes for me. Addresses are only used to ship to the other.
  • I can give you art or writing in return for what you send me. This mean you can either get a physical or digital drawing/painting OR a short story, poem or possibly a post for your blog. If you want to use anything I drew, painted or wrote, you need to credit me for my work and you can’t use it for commercial use, unless we’ve privately decided differently through email (like, you ask me to write a poem for your short story, I draw a small illustration for something you’re going to sell, etc), but is otherwise free to use it however you want.
  • I only offer games or books if I have any I want to get rid of. There is a list at the bottom if there is any that fills the criteria.
  • We pay for shipping ourselves, unless I give you something digital, which may result in full or partial payment of the shipping from me, depending on what exactly you expect me to do. (You can’t really expect me to pay for shipping if I agreed to draw something you can receive money from, like the cover of a book).
  • You make an offer on your game to theannyblog [at] or to @theannyblog on Twitter and with what you want in return. I will then reply to you asap about it. If it’s a game I really don’t want or already have, I may reject your offer.
  • Your best bet to have an accepted offer: Offer me a visual novel or RPG, or a translated light novel. Take into consideration what you want and what you offer. Do note that I live in EU and ALL my consoles are from PAL countries, which means I’ll reject most non-PAL games to following consoles: N64, 3DS, DSi enhanced DS games, PS1 and PS2. Some exceptions apply because there are some games I really want, but in general you should assume I then want the Japanese version.
  • You can also trade consoles in working condition. Or offer something such as a gift card at a store.
  • I ship world-wide.

For Sale/Trade
Spice & Wolf, volumes 1-8 (English, light novel)
Angel Sanctuary, volumes 1-2, 15, 17 (English, comic)
Fairy Tail, volumes 1-11, 13-20 (English, comic)
Nabari no Ou, volume 1 (English, comic)
Nana, volume 1 (English, comic)
Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, volume 1 (English, comic)