Updated: 2018-06-07

By supporting The Anny Blog you might…

  • Guarantee new content at least monthly
  • Get a bit more say in what content comes up
  • Make sure Anny doesn’t starve to death in their hunt for content to review
  • Get bonus content like research material from the Mahou Shoujo Guide
  • And more!

How do you get these different things?

  • Patreon has several tiers which all include various bonus content, and the more you pledge, the more content you get. At Patreon I also have goals such as starting the Crappy Android Otoge series again, or posting more often! By pledging you don’t only guarantee regular content, you also affect how often it comes out.
  • If you choose a one time donation on Paypal, you have to pleasure of choosing where your money specifically will go. If you want more book reviews, you can write that. If you want more crappy games, you can pick that. You can also pick specific titles, but I might not buy that specific title unless it’s on a console they have or a specific genre (like otome games). You can also donate for a specific purpose, such as paying the costs that The Anny Blog has to keep running.
  • You can also donate content. This is either done through steam where your spam me with something from my wishlist, which guarantees that it will (at some point) be reviewed. You can also contact me at theannyblog@gmail.com to see if I’m currently taking physical donations.
  • If you want to buy something for yourself, you can do so from the Shopping List. This gives a small commission to me which is used to buy new content on the sites listed, or, in case of money payments, to pay for the domain name or other costs The Anny Blog has.
  • Or if you trade a game, you receive something in return AND make sure I have something to write about later. Mail to theannyblog@gmail.com with your offer or check the Trading Corner for more information.
  • And if you have no money, spreading the word, liking content, and being active in commenting on the blog, is also support that will guarantee continued writing to some extent. Spreading the word gives me a little more exposure and showing your appreciation and discussing the content with me, helps me know what you enjoy to read.

I can’t express how much any and every kind of support means to me and I wish I could offer much more to all donators, but you have my eternal thanks.

The Anny Blog cost rundown
To those who for any reason are interested in the actual costs to keep this blog running, I am allowing you to indulge in this knowledge. The costs include everything except the fees I pay to have money transferred to Paypal or my bank account.

Domain name: 26 USD (Average: ~2 USD/month)
Approximate content value of 2016*: 3550 SEK** (Average: ~295 SEK/month)
Donations received: 50 USD***
Commission received: Unknown

Domain name: 26 USD (Average: ~2 USD/month)
Approximate for content 2017*: ~1000 SEK** (Average: ~346 SEK/Month)
Donations received: ~10 USD
Commission received: 120 USD + 3.40 USD

Domain name = 26 USD (Average: ~2 USD/month)
Crunchyroll = 27.8 USD + estimate of 48.65 USD more (total of 76.45)
Approximate for content*: 1107.78 SEK**
Donations received: 0 (Paypal, Ko-fi)
Commission received: 60 USD*** + 643 JPY + 0 USD (Patreon, CDJapan, Play-Asia, Book Depository, MangaGamer, Kobo)
Balance: 580/2009.59 SEK**

This is a surprisingly expensive hobby. (lol)

*Costs included is what I have paid for myself – donations or content received for review is not included
**Sweden use Swedish Kronor as currency and everything hence is converted to SEK when I pay. Divide with 10 and you have a pretty good estimate of the value in EUR and USD.
***Fees not excluded