Android series: 10 Days with my Devil

This is the first entry in my Crappy Android Otome Games series, or for short just “Android series”. These games don’t necessarily have to be bad and I might play something else than otome games if I’m out of ideas what to play or I just can’t afford buying a story/chapter/whatever.

This series will be posted monthly and how many stories/routes/chapters I play is entirely about how much money I’m forced to spend. I started out with 10 Days with My Devil by Voltage and it’s also available on iOS, much like Voltage’s other romance games.Screenshot_2015-03-01-15-01-09

The heroine has the luckiest day in her life: She wins a lottery she didn’t join, she is given brand shoes on random, a hot guy asks her out to dinner the same evening and the day seems like it would be absolutely perfect. But when she’s almost home, there’s a deadly explosion and her apartment catches on fire. She was supposed to die in that fire. But she manages to convince the devils who are in charge of taking her soul to give her 10 more days since she’s alive anyway. They agree to let her live just 10 days as long as she chooses one of them to look after her. She now has 10 days to confess to the guy she likes.

Like, one of the funniest things I’ve read for a while.

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