Vacation notice!

I’ll be in Finland from July 25th to at latest August 6th or 7th (might change while there though, but I should be home by August 9th), and won’t be online during this time. I will read and reply on any comments by the time I return from my vacation.

Posts will post on the Sundays during this time as usual during.

I plan on reading A LOT durin my vacation, so look forward to get book and comic posts in a few months!

Some updates

I’ve decided to stop writing early impressions. This means batch posts would come out very, very seldom and therefore I more or less won’t write any more of those. If I watch an OVA or something else I can barely write about, I’ll just make a short post about it anyway. That is all I wanted to say about that.

I also want to tell you that I plan on applying to university next spring, which means there’s a chance I might not be able to post as much both prior to that (since I have some subjects to study in preparation to that and if I am accepted, I will have a lot of studying to do. At the very moment I don’t know at what pace I can blog at that time, but until then I’ll week the weekly posts up (and depending on how much I managed to write in advance, it might continue on for a while into my busy times even). I’m just giving you a heads-up about it.

I am also going to more or less only watch finished anime shows after this season (is the plan anyway) to keep the stress down and my focus up. I will still pick up airing shows, but I won’t try to collect watch them all as I have done until now. This is also one of the reasons I’m quit writing early impressions and batch posts.

Thanks for understanding.

The Anny Blog Relaunch

It’s sad that the blog would have to be taken down, but when I just kept getting troubles with it on my domain, I decided it would be for the best to move it to WordPress. The relaunch of The Anny Blog is scheduled for January 2014. I will try having an entry a week, after that but no promises!

You can still find the blog at or button, though, so no need to change the website address. However, if you have it in an RSS, you will have to change it. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys.