Ribbon no Kishi

130941lThere once was a king called Plastic
Whose smarts were less than fantastic
Dawn ’til dusk he was sleeping
Sucking candy and eating
When he wasn’t cranky or sarcastic

God gives children about to be born either a boy’s heart or a girl’s heart, but one of his cherubs messed around and the future ruler of Silverland got two hearts – both a girl and a boy. Because she’s a princess she has to pretend to be a prince and the cherub’s at the same time trying to get her boy’s heart out of her.

But the truth about prince Sapphire‘s sex comes out on her coronation and she and her mother are imprisoned and Plastic, who is next in line for the crown, takes over as king. The boy, however isn’t a good king and Sapphire needs to get her thrown back, all while the cherubs is still trying to receive the boy’s heart out of Sapphire, she herself has to flee from the people who want her gone, and she is in love with a prince of a foreign land who doesn’t know her real identity. Continue reading “Ribbon no Kishi”


56997lTokyo suffered a nuclear explosion on December 6th 1982. A new Tokyo – Neo-Tokyo – has since been built and the year is now 2019. But Neo-Tokyo is a city filled with gangs and anti-government terrorism. When one of the gangs, led by Shoutarou Kaneda, rides through the ruins of the old Tokyo, the member Tetsuo Shima is in an accident. Tetsuo’s power now awakens from its slumber and is asked to joined the Akira project. Shoutarou, too, is dragged into this, but in the middle of a battle between military and a rebel group which both try to do what is the best for the world. But Tetsuo interferes in a way that could mean the end of the world at worst. Continue reading “Akira”

Jigoku Shoujo

25579lRumors say that if you access a certain website, Jigoku Tsuushin (Hell Link), you can get your avenge on people you hate by writing the name of the person towards whom you have a grudge. When you do that Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) will send them to hell.

The girl who appears is a girl introducing herself as Ai Enma (CV: Mamiko Noto). She gives you a strawdoll and tell you that when you untie the red thread, the person you have a grudge against is sent straight to hell. However, after you die, you too, is sent to hell. Continue reading “Jigoku Shoujo”

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

40267lUsagi Tsukino (CV: Kotono Mitsuishi) is the reincarnation of the Moon Princess. She now is the magical girl Sailor Moon with her friends and her boyfriend. Her future daughter, Chibiusa (CV: Kae Araki) has been sent from the future to train with her mother’s past self. Earth is now threatened by the queen of the dark side of the moon and a priest, Helios (CV: Taiki Matsuno), who has been captured, is hiding in Chibiusa’s dreams.

I haven’t covered the three past seasons, but some day I will. Although, I might not want to re-watch the third season at all, because although I started to find this season grating, the previous one was more so. However, in a sense, this is much worse, because Chibiusa completely steals the spotlight from Mamoru Chiba (CV: Tooru Furuya), who barely even showed up in this fourth season of Sailor Moon and is forever a shallow support character. I love Mamoru to death (because I read the comic years ago before watching anything of the show not aired in Sweden) and I don’t really mind Chibiusa, but this season was supposed to be about Mamoru. I could complain about it however much I’d, but it won’t help anyone 19 years after it has aired. Continue reading “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS”