A Piece of Sky

There were so many new things to take in. With a rise of panic, it became clear how overwhelming it all could be.
I took in our surroundings and tried to calm myself.
I looked to another one. Tree….
One more. Another tree….
The sound of crickets made me glad I wasn’t the only one still awake. Their music helped soothe me. I still couldn’t get over how soft the little red hen was. I counted her with the trees. Chicken….
A brief lull. Rocks….
Something moved in the darkness of the woods. I startled to full alertness. Not a tree.
We were being spied on.

indexAn acorn hung from the Father Tree, protected by Abaven. However, one day the acorn fell off as Abaven fought off a creature heading for the tree. The acorn was picked up by an evil creature, but was flung away and hit the hen Rós in the head. Rós and her friend Grania then sets out on a journey to find out what this little piece of sky is. Continue reading “A Piece of Sky”


Xander began to circle Aowyn. She watched him, poised and ready. He swung his blade, and Aowyn met it midair. The steel clanged. She rounded and got Xander across his back with the flat of her sword. He stumbled forward. Some of his men cheered and laughed. Xander steadied himself and swung again. Steel sang against steel.
Aowyn sidestepped and blocked another blow. She swung quickly, but Xander deflected the attack. She remembered the times her brothers had allowed her to fight with them. She racked her brain in search of their tricks.
Xander tensed as their swordplay continued. Aowyn breathed and relaxed. She had been taught that tension slows the body. What she lacked in strength, she made up for in speed.
Aowyn moved quickly, felling two blows against Xander. He lost his balance, and she landed her foot in his thigh. Xander rolled into the mud and gave her a roguish grin.

41pB2hHBXTL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_After the princess Aowyn‘s mother, Queen Sulwen, passes the handmaiden Ciatlllait is seducing the two oldest sons and the King himself. One night the woman turns all of Aowyn’s brothers into swans and while trying to protect them and her father, she needs to find a way for her to break the curse put on her brothers. But while this is going on Lord Rab plans to take over The Summer Isle, where Aowyn lives, and sends his two sons Bannock and Xander with an army to crush the weakened King Aodhagáin. Continue reading “Moonlight”

The Subtle Beauty

“Tell me about this Colin fellow, then.”
“He is kinder than you.”
“Yes, really. He is gentle and noble. He says my eyes are like agates.”
“Like rocks?” The gryphon pushed his head through the bush, his large fox-like ears close to his head. Glory glared him in the eye. She was put off by his stench, but utterly unafraid. “Ah, yes.” The gryphon seemed to smile. “I see.”
“He says my voice is like the skylark’s song.”
“Skylarks is it?” The gryphon’s ears perked. “I do like skylarks… they are delicious!”
Glory clenched her fists; heat rose to her face. “My hair is like the golden fleece captured by Jason from Colchis.”
“So he says your hair is like the dead hide of a castrated sheep. How quaint.”
Glory bit her lip and stomped her feet. “Even the Sun God worships me!”
The gryphon’s eyes flashed. His head cocked to the side, his mouth gaping a little. Glory could see his tongue rise and fall with his breath. For a moment she thought she had won.
“Forgive me, Princess, but I wish to retract the apology.”
Glory blinked.
“You are still ugly.”
“I am not ugly!” Glory screamed.

51ulTYUo6vL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Glory is the youngest of seven princess and she’s in love with Colin. But her father has decided that the cursed child Eoghan, son of the evil man Xander, will be her husband-to-be and announces it on the night of her sister’s wedding. The princess is going to elope with her beloved, but despite all, she ends up at Blackthorn Keep where prince Eoghan lives. Continue reading “The Subtle Beauty”