Howl’s Moving Castle

“The castle was uglier than ever close to. It was far too tall for its height and not a very regular shape. As far as Sophie could see in the growing darkness, it was built of huge black blocks, like coal, and, like coal, the blocks were all different shapes and sizes. Chill breathed off these blocks as she got closer, but that failed to frighten Sophie at all. She just thought of chairs and firesides and stretched her hand out eagerly to the door.”

9780061478789_p0_v1_s1200x630In the town of Market Chipping, lives Sophie Hatter. She’s the oldest of three daughters and is doomed to fail in her life. Being the oldest also means she will inherit the hat shop she’s feeling she’s slaving away in while her younger sisters are either learning magic of working in a bakery. But suddenly one the the Witch of the Waste comes into the hat shop and curses the young girl to an old woman for no reason. It becomes the start of a journey that would change Sophie’s life entirely as she ends up at the moving castle of Wizard Howl, known to eat the hearts of young women, as she makes a bargain with the fire demon Calcifer. Continue reading “Howl’s Moving Castle”