Angelic Layer

111953lMisaki Suzuhara ha just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. As she’s lost, she sees a commercial on a screen. It’s a match between two angels in the game Angelic Layer. Drawn to the game, Misaki meets a weird man calling himself Icchan who helps her get her own angel, Hikaru, and make her clothes. After a couple of hours of practise with the angel, Misaki then is asked to join the national competition. Following the suggestion, Misaki joins the competition showing off great potential. Continue reading


vlcsnap-000014Class 3-C at Yomiyama North Middle School is a very special class, because it’s isolated. It’s isolated from the rest because it’s a class close to death. So close, someone in that class is someone not from our world, someone who has died. But it seemed like the class of 1998 would be a class with no incidents. But Kouichi Sakakibara transfers to the class and talk to Mei Misaki. But he’s told not to talk with those who don’t exist and Kouichi tries to find out what’s wrong with this class he’s part of. Continue reading