No Game No Life 2

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“So, I don’t believe in humans.”
-Just as he didn’t believe in himself.
“But I believe in their potential.”
-Just as he could believe in his sister.
“The potential of humans is infinite.It’s just that it’s infinite both in the positive and negative directions.”
Thus people could be infinitely wise, or infinitely foolish-and so.
“So it’s like, maybe, if I’m as foolish as possible, I’ll be able to catch up with my sister, who is as wise as possible.”

Yen Press haven't released the cover on their site, so the Japanese cover will have to do.
Yen Press hasn’t released the cover on their site at the time of writing, so the Japanese cover will have to do.

Sora and Shiro have been summoned from our world to Disboard, a world where violence and war don’t exist and everything is decided by games. The siblings have through a tournament of games taken the throne of the human race, Immanity’s, country Elkia, which is left with just the capital. Not only that, Sora and Shiro have declared war on the rest of the world.

A month passes and Sora learns that there is a race with girls who have animal ears and a tail and he decides that the Werebeasts are his next target. But for that he needs more information and the library of Elkia has been taken over by a Flügel… Continue reading “No Game No Life 2”

No Game No Life volume 1

“We are the weakest race!
We are those who, in endless cycles of history – devour the fattened strong!
Take pride! For we are the weakest – we are the most empty-handed! We are born with nothing – and we can become anything – we therefore are the strongest race!
– Come, let the games begin!”

23197324Sora, an 18-year-old virgin man, and Shiro, an 11-year-old genius girl, are a team that make up for a legendary gamer called ” “, or Blank (Kuuhaku in Japanese). None of the fit into society and they are shut-ins that always plays games.

One day they receive a mail with a link and a cryptic message:

Dear brother and sister, do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong world?

The link leads to a game of chess and Shiro plays and wins, with the support of her older brother. As a response, they receive a new mail, asking if they don’t find it hard to liv in the world. Then another email asking if they enjoy the world. And a third one telling about a world ruled by games.

The siblings reply and are removed from this world to Disboard – a place where war and violence does not exist. Everything is settled through games. Continue reading “No Game No Life volume 1”