Taisho Alice Volume I

Edit 17/9-2021: This is a review of the first “localisation” of Taisho Alice. The one Avaialble on Steam is not this one. The game was localised again, because thankfully Primula wasn’t deterred by the scamming.

I haven’t played the new one, but I’m keeping this here regardless. It can, for instance, give context to some older fans jokes that refer to this car crash of an incident, but also explain that not every time something is horrible, it has to go entirely wrong at the end of the day. Why does Aksys’ come to mind? I mean, probably because they get things horribly done and go horribly wrong.

That said, if you want to appreciate the new localisation, go ahead and read this.

A while back Taisho Alice was released in English by E2 Gaming. Rants were burning all over my Twitter timeline and as a reviewer, I can’t look away from this. This post, however, will probably be a bit ranty. Okay, not just a bit, a lot. I’m also choosing to entirely skip the summary, because in this post I will focus on taking this game – and the company localising it – apart. I suggest reading the description on VNDB or find one of the English bloggers’ review of the Japanese games for a summary or the like.
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