Translation Service

Wanting to reach a wider audience or wanting to understand something in a foreign language isn’t supposed to be just a distant dream. I will translate most works, in particular books.

Translation takes time, and isn’t just translating things word for word or literally. There are meanings and implications that need to be translated as well. Because of this, I will work closely with any author to ensure that an as accurate translation as possible is out there. Other things translators do that require time are:

  • researching subjects for proper terminology and localisation
  • translate & edit for a natural flow
  • adapt references, jokes, proverbs, etc.
  • adapt language for audience, narrative, characters, etc

Translating fiction is an art in itself, and requires as much creativity and brainpower as writing fiction, and at times more research. Thus rates don’t just include putting word on paper, though the rates are based on word count.

I have past experience being at a translation firm and have translated for both private and commercial purposes.


These prices are approximated and are generally for professional work that needs publishing! Translations for your eyes only have different rates! Contact me for more information about those.

  • ≤1000 words*: 30 EUR
  • 1001-2500 words: 70 EUR
  • 2501-5000 words: 125 EUR
  • 5001-10000 words: 220 EUR
  • 10001-20000 words: 400 EUR
  • 20001-35000 words: 550 EUR
  • 35001-50000 words: 650 EUR
  • 50001≤ words: +100 every 10000 words (starting at 750 at 50001 words)

Translations from Japanese is by character but have the same rates.

Additional Options

I read through and edit the work once, as well as proofread once for free before I send you the translation. However, I can do more in-depth work to really make sure it sound natural.

  • Proofreading: +1 cents/word, regardless of length
  • Editing: +1.5-2 cents/word count of translated text up to 50000 words, and +1-1.5 cents from 50001 words. A second and third round of editing is half of the original cost.

Translation Terms

  1. I will mainly translate to Swedish but I can also translate to English, though I recommend picking a different editor. Languages I translate from are:
    1. English
    2. Swedish
    3. Finnish
    4. Japanese

    I don’t translate to Finnish as my Finnish is a Swedish variant.

  2. You can ask for an offer for free.
  3. Prices are negotiable.
  4. I require a sample of what kind of text I will be translating.
  5. No legal or medical documents, nor technical texts used for publishing.
  6. No excessively or graphic erotic material. No excessively gory material. No material with the sole purpose of putting down and/or offending people. No works to present to a teacher or similar as your own to pass.
  7. Deadlines are negotiable but will have to be reasonable. Assume 50k will take approximately 3 months if I have no other work going on.
  8. I will keep in touch weekly to update you on progress!
  9. Proofreading adds 2 weeks to any work over 25000 words, 1 week to work between 5001 and 25000 and 3-4 days to 5000.
  10. Unless the work is short, editing will add a minimum of 1 extra month to any work. Short works will be 2 weeks.
  11. I recommend having a different proofreader and/or editor, though I can do both for final publishing.

Payment Terms

  1. Fees include taxes, which is about 1/3 of payment.
  2. Generally, 50% of payment is in advance, but it’s negotiable.
  3. A payment plan is possible but will increase the cost by 20%. We will negotiate about how it will work.
  4. Your payment plan can be a certain sum every month or every week.
  5. If you fail to send me your payment for an instalment on time, you have to pay a late fee of an additional 10 EUR every month or 3 EUR every week you’re late or fail to pay, depending on your plan. If you cannot pay me on time, contact me as soon as you know to avoid any fees. I understand if you have times you can’t pay. I won’t halt payments for an extended time though. The same if you need to lower your payment. I’m very understanding, so as long as you have a reasonable payment, that is fine.
  6. If you wish to pay in advance but cannot pay half right away or wish to pay the full price in advance but cannot, it is possible to pay in instalments in advance. No additional fees will be added, but I will not start working until the decided amount (50% or 100%) is paid. Any other rates apply as usual.


  1. I will NOT work for free. Ever.
  2. I am open to people of any background, gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, ethnicity, country, religious beliefs, physical and mental disability, illness and/or any other group I have not listed. I will not create or be part of a project whose purpose is to discriminate against these groups.
  3. Each client’s information will be stored for a year in case I need to contact you about your commission, after that only information on copies of your payment are stored, as well as messages I had with your regarding your commission, as they count as a copy of our agreement.
  4. I have the right to decline your request for a commission without explaining why. However, I will explain the reason if I find it reasonable to do so, such as if
    1. My health does not allow for (more) work.
    2. All slots are taken.
    3. I am close to many deadlines.
    4. It doesn’t comply with terms.
  5. I have the right to move deadlines, but I need to explain why. Reasons why I may need to postpone a deadline are
    1. My health is not good
    2. Sick children
    3. A loved one is ill
    4. A loved one has passed away

    But there may be others.

  6. I have the right to, at any time, change prices without prior notice to adjust them to the Swedish minimum pay, Swedish currency and/or quality of services and/or work. If you have commissioned something during a time when old rates applied, those will remain for you at the time, but any future work will follow the new rates.
  7. I have the right to, at any time, change the terms and policy without prior notice. I will try to contact any current clients about the change, in advance if possible, as they will have to comply with any term and/or policy changes.
  8. You as a client agree to all terms and this policy when/while requesting, awaiting, paying for and having paid for a commission.