Anny HQ Update [Patreon]

This is a post copy-pasted from my Patreon. I thought I’d share it here, because it’s posted there for all to read. These posts are supposed to be posted once every month where I share a bit about what happens “behind the scenes”. The support from Patreon helps pay for the costs for domain name, lack of ads (from WordPress – I still add affiliate links), services to review, and the stuff to review. Take a moment to look into it. My patreon is set up to draw once a month, as I post monthly, and the minimum is 1 USD, but you can support any amount above that too! To read more posts like this in the future, go there!

I need to get better at writing these. But before that I might actually need to remember what I did during the month

During April I spent a lot of the time very depressed though, I’ll be that honest. The reason was a new medication. Or was that March? I no longer remember. Continue reading

Happy New Year

Here we are, 5 years after the relaunch of The Anny Blog after a turbulent 2013 when it just seemed to crash and burn. The Annyversary is on Saturday, but I won’t do anything special for it.

Let’s go over the past year though. 2017 I got a child and I spent the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 focusing on that, to return to The Anny Blog in May again. At the time my child was 7 months old.

I think that was a fairly fast bounce back… maybe? Especially for someone as frail as me.

After that I posted almost every month. I feel like not posting was the biggest mistake in my life, but if I see it from a reader’s perspective, I wouldn’t have blamed any of the bloggers I occasionally read blogs of if they missed a couple of months when they had a child within approximately a year. So I’d say all is good. Continue reading

Giveaway Winner!

It’s a little late, due to various reason I can’t really blame on, but…


…or was that what you were supposed to tell me?

Anyhow, I had more people join in than I expected! I was a little sad I couldn’t choose more winners, to be honest. There had to be just one and that was…


The winner was chosen randomly, so no hard feelings, okay? I will hold another giveaway when I have 20 patrons. You can become a patron if you’re willing to give up a single dollar a month. It helps The Anny Blog to continue having content. Actually, it helps paying the bill for the domain name and keeping it add free as well. And you get some really nice bonuses!

Dramatic Plot Twist

A running gag among friends and That Game Club, is that my life and especially the romantic aspect of it is like a shoujo manga. I fell in love with my brother’s best friend, whom I had befriended when we were 6 and 8 years old. He had a not so good relationship, I became his talking partner through the tough times and we became very close. Fast forward, and we eventually got together (after I finally AFTER YEARS figured out I was romantically in love) and fast forward a few more years and we’re here today, at this post.

No wait, let’s back up just a bit. Continue reading

Award Nominations

Okay, so I’ve been nominated to two rewards and as I was unsure whether to post about it or not I made a Twitter poll on my personal Twitter account, because in reality I’m on a hiatus because of health issues and I have friends who will chew me out when they see this blog post. Oops. Also that’s one long sentence. Double-oops.

As you may notice, I got overwhelmingly Yes on posting award stuff, and I listen to you, friends and readers, so here we go! Continue reading

10th Blogoversary


Though I suppose it should be the other way around. That you should tell me “Happy 10th, Anny!”

Although it’s merely been 2.5 years since the relaunch after my external service totally crapped up and kept making my blog go offline for no reason, I’ve been blogging since 2006. Honestly, I forgot the exact date, but as I know I wrote blogs in the autumn when I was 16, and there is nothing really going on on my blog in the summer anyway… Why not celebrate the 10th anniversary 6 month after the relaunch anniversary? As you can see the blog has had a lot of changes “over night”. In all honesty it’s been a couple of days, as I’ve added small new things in advance. I’ve worked my butt off and had the nicest possible people help me out by looking at everything from layout and blog theme related stuff to editing my Q&A. Big thanks to everyone who helped out! Without you I don’t think I never would had made it.

I tried to clean the entire blog up to not have so much in your face and – as I announced in June – now have my own domain for the blog. I suggest you look around to see all the small and big changes I’ve worked on for the past 3 weeks. There are still a few things that will appear in the future, because I didn’t have time to do it all. Continue reading

Otoge Localization Questionnaire

Okay, this is a bit of a weird post, considering pretty much everything I post are reviews, but I’ve made a questionnaire on Google about localized otome games. The questionnaire is mostly about what you as an otome gamer want from the translation, the company and the game in general.

I will post the survey results in July (exact date, I’m not sure about, as I’m very focus on real life right now, with crappy health, a wedding in July and just trying to get my home office in order because my laptop I review on broke down), so that everyone will get to see what the results are. I hope to make this every 6-12 months, but might need a reminder, but I’ll try to make one at the end of May/beginning of June next year. I’ll try.

So why did I do this?

Well… This morning Twitter was filled with drama. E2 Gaming has taken translations of Taisho Alice information that a fan wrote from the fansite OtomeJikan. And priori to this we had the badly planned Kickstarter for Beastmaster and Prince that failed and then was removed from Kickstarter altogether while a different game was tried again. And then we have the incident with Norn9 by Aksys. And really, should I forget all those crappy mobile otome games, who seem to use at least 50% Google Translate and we’re still supposed to pay for?

Are our standards really that low? Are we really ready to accept anything? Those are the questions that made me make this questionnaire (and I just couldn’t log in to FFXIV, which, admittedly, was the main reason – I had to kill time somehow).

To fill out the questionnaire, please head here! I’ll be very happy if you spread it around as well, because honestly – this matters for any otome gamer, doesn’t it? We shouldn’t accept just any crap that is throw in our face, right? Or am I the only one feeling like this?

The Anny Blog Goals of 2016

I made it in time! No, actually, I didn’t. At the time of writing I’m sitting at the table of my sister’s while she’s cooking dinner and at the time of posting I will sit at a completely different table, most likely playing Chain Chronicle, Neko Atsume and/or possibly something else. The move didn’t go as smoothly as it should have and I ended up homeless for a day. But despite that set-back, I’m certain I can sleep soundly in my own bed in the evening at the time of posting.

Anyhow, it’s the second anniversary since the relaunch! Yay! Double-yay for hitting 100 posts during 2015! First, let’s see what of the goals I reached last year:

Keep posting regularly.
I got this down. I posted less, but there were a bunch of reasons for that, but mainly the fact my health plummeted when I was supposed to go to school

Write more about books, comics and games.
I have managed to keep it more balanced this past year. This year I had 41% posts with anime in them, while last year there was 82% anime. Of course, there were less amount of posts this year, but I could had still gone with a high amount of anime. I think I did good. For the record the percentage of comics this year was 24%, games 21% and books 18%. Yeah, anyone with some amount of math skill will see that makes 104% this year, but to be fair, I did cover both the original work and the adaptation of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso in one post and the numbers aren’t exact.

Go back to the classics.
There were a few more of them classics. I could have done better with this one though.

Get a guide out.
I didn’t get the entire guide out, BUT parts of it has been posted and so I at least did try to get it out.

This years goals will be:

Keep the posts coming!
I will continue having a schedule and for now it’ll stay monthly because of school.

Have a variety of content.
I will keep having different things in my posts, be it games, anime, comics or books. Mostly, I will try not to spam with juts books since I’m a literary science student now.

Keep working on the guide.
I won’t promise to finish it, but I’ll try getting at least another part of it up on the blog! This guide requires a lot of free time and work because I work on it throughly, and that’s why it’s taking time because I also need to do other stuff and get content for the blog.

What else this year?
A change for this year is that I have opened up a Patreon and what I receive there will determine how often I post. But don’t worry! Even if I don’t get much – or anything at all! – I will keep posting as long as I have something to write about!

I’ll also try to buy less physical copies of books and comics and try to read them right away, rather than 10 years later. The move has really tired me out and I really realized during the packing that I have too many books I really don’t care much about. But I’ll still try to keep this year balanced and you should look forward to at least Code: Realize and Norn9 which I hope to play and post about before too much time into the year passes!

Finally I want to thank those who have supported me over the two past years by reading the blog, commenting, liking the Facebook page, tweeted, donated or sold games to me to review and much more! Last year was a weird one (the open letter to Aksys might just show how weird!) so let’s hope this third year since the relaunch will be a bit calmer, much unlike my stressful move!

Uni in the autumn

Congratulations to me! I got into university. I’m taking a literary science class that is full-time studies for the entire term.

What? In spring? Well, I plan on taking the next class building up on this one, of course.

This announcements mean a few things:
1. I am now much more available for contact. Since it’ll be a major change from my NEET lifestyle, I’m not playing Final Fantasy XIV 10 hours/day anymore. Kill my newly found time by chatting with me on Twitter.
2. I will focus on content for the blog for the next month and a half. Better be prepared in case my literary studies take all my time and energy. I don’t want the blog to die because my life changes.
3. Posts will be monthly from September and they will be posted on the last Sunday of the month. If I can handle the studies and I get content up often enough, I might changed it to a post every 3 weeks. Eventually.
4. I seriously doubt the mahou shoujo guide will be up this year, but I’ll try to get at least another part of it up on the blog before the end of the year.