My Novels

In a world both warm and cold,
One in many legends told,
There will be friends, family and love,
Maybe a dragon, maybe a dove.
During night and during day
Many a legend will say
There will be new legends soon
Told beneath the light of the moon.

The Universe

The Universe is a series of standalone fantasy short stories, novellas and novels, that are loosely connected through the world itself. You can read more about the concept of The Universe, and find a full list of the stories, here. The stories vary wildly in tone, language and content, with protagonists ranging from pre-teens to hundreds or thousands of years from different cultures and eras, making the series as a whole atleast Young Adult (12+) to Adult.

Neopower Series

Blacksmith’s Daughter

The Gatekeeper follows Arrianus as his life takes an unexpected turn, and he goes from working at the front desk at the Ministry to a Gatekeeper… whatever that is.

The Scientist follows prodigy fairy Ula as she navigates through a changing world of the fairies, with her knowledge and limited magic as her only power.

The Three Realms

The Three realms is a novella trilogy with three standalone stories.

The Demon Realm is a fantasy novella about a girl lost in the realm of demons, unknowingly paying the price of her memories to enter. Free version will be up autumn 2021. Illustrated book will be available in 2022.

The Angel Realm features a girl trying to find another realm and end up meeting God emself. But is that a good thing?

The Human Realm follows Merritt, who is in search of the King and Queen. He meets many people, but are any of them the ones he searches for?

Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon (Young Adult/Older Teen) is a coming-of-age story about nonbinary Momoi Tomoki set in an alternate modern Japan, with romance, school-life and self-discovery. ONGOING. New update every 2 weeks.

Tea and Coffee (New Adult) is a BL side story novel to Beyond the Horizon set before the main story, featuring the story behind Arata and Makoto. It can be read separately from the original. Coming back up in 2022 after edits.

When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe from the Wrath of God (New Adult) is an in-universe BL series made real. An OP witch, heroes, a king, a journey, a forbidden romance, and a seemingly never-ending mission—what else could you ever wish for in a series? ONGOING. New update every 2 weeks.