Of Dragons and Fae

Mayna Spring is a hair stylist. And not any hairstylist, but Myulan’s Princess Patricia‘s personal hairstylist! She has a fateful encounter while she’s standing at the side in case of a hair emergency. The neighbouring country’s Prince Darion‘s guard Ray tells her she’s his bondmate and they get along well. But when leaving, Ray dumps her! What’s more, there’s no one suitable to take her position as the royal hairstylist when the Princess is to marry Prince Dario and now she’s following along with her… To where Ray is.

I couldn’t put this one down! Or well, I could, since I did read a bit of it some time ago, but I didn’t take the time to continue. So I thought I’d read it at night until I finished. BOY, was that a bad idea. I stayed up reading, and I didn’t even notice how much time passed! I finished an hour before my alarm would go off. But it was worth it!

Mayna and Ray are very adorable. In a communication failure kind of way. Part of me wishes Ray could have just talked to Mayna, but then we wouldn’t have had a story, so I guess, good job Ray!

But more importantly, Mayna is a strong female lead. No one can stop her when she decides something, and I think that is very important to have. A strong woman who does what she wants is something I wish I would see more in romances. I do come to think of the protagonist in The Weakest Manga Villainess Wants Her Freedom! who is also fairly strong, but in comparison, I think Mayna has a stronger personality.

This was very enjoyable, and even if I don’t know much about hair styling, nor can make any sort of mental pictures of it, the hair styling sections were still beautiful arrangements, braided into the text with no flow issues. Well, much better written than that terrible try to make hairstyle references.

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