This consists of two short stories. The titular story, Drunks, is about a man who is dragged out to drink. When he’s on his way home, he meets a woman who bites him. He wakes up the next, thinking it was a dream, but turns out he really came across a vampire.

The second is titled Tick Tock, and relationship between a woman who had been asleep in cryostasis for over a century and the descendent of her brother.

Neither of these left much impression on me. In fact, so little impression I had to read them again to share my thoughts. After a second read, I’m really just as unimpressed.

Drunks is more of a prologue, so it’s very open-ended and there’s little about the development of their relationship. It’s very much like “they met, she lives with him, they spend time together. Meanwhile, Tick Tock gets a little more disturbing? Aside from the extremely down-to-earth view of what it’ll be like in a century, the nature of the relationship makes my skin crawl. On one hand, they’re related. On the other hand, he grew up with her being asleep, you know?

Izumi Okaya’s art is very light and minimalistic and works very well with the more mature storylines. I’ll give it that much. It translated HORRIBLY to my ereader, though, and for reasons I ended up reading it on my computer both times I read it.

Overall, I didn’t particularly like these, nor dislike them.  There just wasn’t enough to truly leave an impression. Even after two reads, one being right before writing these thoughts, I don’t quite remember how the relationship developed in Tick Tock.

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