Art Commissions

This page includes the following


All prices are estimates of what it would cost had it been a commission.

Illustrations, Book Covers, Projects

I have an hourly rate of 45€/hour for any options not listed elsewhere or is any of the following:

  • Book cover
  • Chapter illustrations (small or big)
  • Character illustrations
  • Concept Art

Character Design

I have an hourly rate of 40€/hour for full character design work with sheets.

Basic drawing

This option is rougher and not as detailed nor clean as a finished piece. It takes less time.

  • Bust-up: 75€
  • Waist-up: 110€
  • Full-body: 135€

Finished Art

For more detailed work and/or cleaning lines. This may take quite some time.

  • Bust-up: 90€
  • Waist-up: 135€
  • Full-body: 180€

Couples and Groups

Couples and groups are 75% of price/per character; examples follow:

  • Couple in sketch waist-up: 80€
  • Group of 5 complete art bust-up: 275€
  • Couple in detailed full-body: 275€


  • Backgrounds: By default, the background for the set-price commissions is a single colour, or no background at all if preferred. I can draw a background for a negotiable fee.
  • Logos: If your property or otherwise free to use, I can add logos for free, if a file to use exists. If I need to draw one, I will do it for a negotiable fee.


You can contact me about the commission in several ways:

  • Email to contact[at]theannyblog[.]com with the subject line Commission
  • @ me at Twitter
  • Message me on Line (danderedere)
  • Fill in the form at the bottom of this page (set price commissions only)

When you contact me, I wish to receive the following (not required):

  • A description of your idea
  • Your idea visually; it can be stick figures or just shapes, that’s cool
  • For set-price commissions: References of characters, or at least visuals, even if there is no character art; other characters, images of clothing, etc., will be helpful
  • For character designs: Written description, preferably detailed with personality
  • For illustrations: References, visuals and/or written descriptions


If not listed below, you can always ask. I do have things I don’t draw.

  • Single characters
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • Character art
  • Fanart
  • Original characters
  • My characters
  • Real people (friends, family, etc)
  • Animals
  • Technology (complex tech will take time)
  • Landscapes
  • Backgrounds
  • Book illustrations
  • Traditional (acrylics, watercolour, markers, pencils, pastels)
  • Digital


This list might grow if I get questions. I may also make it more specific in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask if I’m fine drawing something, as there’s always a grey area somewhere.

  • 18+ material
  • Very gory things
  • Discriminatory artwork



  • There is always a 40€/rough sketch (uncoloured) down payment for set price commissions and 50€/sketch for projects, character designs and illustrations. Once I finish the piece(s), the remaining cost is paid.
  • Instalments are possible; I understand not all can pay large sums right away and hence will individually make a plan, but a general guide is a 10 % increase in cost.
  • I mainly take payments through PayPal, and I will usually send an invoice. Ko-fi is an option.
  • I have the right to change fees at any time, but the Commissioner pays the price it was at the time of commission.
  • Prices may be negotiable.


  • I will draw a rough sketch for you and change it until you accept it. Note that rough sketches are not detailed. They are to give an idea of what the work will look like and does not include colour.
  • Expect that I need a considerable amount of time.
  • I will update you on the process. This generally happens on Fridays unless Commissioner contacts me on other days, or I happen to be ill.

Usage of art

  • We will decide what the artwork can be used for. The Commissioner can ask at a later date for additional use if desired. This applies to both commercial and non-commercial work.
  • The Commissioner is not to sell copies of non-commercial work without explicit written permission. Commercial work is to be used only for the purpose it’s been drawn and any advertisement for that purpose.
  • All set-price commissions are by default for non-commercial use.
    Using images on or in anything that is created with the intention of making a profit would be considered commercial use, and commercial use would include, but isn’t limited to, merchandise, in publications that are sold, other types of reproduction of the art for profit, and online or offline advertisements and commercial promotions.
  • Fanart is never to be sold unless I and Commissioner both receive written permission. Period. If work is sold, I am not responsible and cannot be upheld in court for copyright infringement.
  • I don’t demand any extra payment for the rights to use my artwork, unless there is a reason for me to receive royalties (so generally not).
  • Fees of 20% of the original payment/6 months are to be paid to me if used outside of decided use. This does also apply to copyright holders.
  • The above terms exist to protect my, and your, rights in the Swedish court, and elsewhere. I’m actually not this strict so just ask and permission will almost always be granted. Some exceptions exist, such as but not limited to, art of characters from my own creative works.


  • For legal reasons and tax declaration, I will keep copies of the following:
    – The conversation about the commission instead of a contract (screenshots or emails)
    – PayPal receipts
    – Any email address I have


  • Artwork may be delayed because of:
    – Illness
    – Death or illness of a loved one
    – Technical issues
    – Extreme weather (where I live that’s most likely a snowstorm resulting in electricity going out)
    – Anything I can’t control
  • The terms and policy may be changed at any time without notice, though I will try to let current Commissioners know.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission request with no explanation as to why.
  • Commissioner agrees to these terms upon commissioning.