About Anny

Anny was born in the northern forests of a winter wonderland. There they studied languages at a school for other forest-dwellers. They have since travelled through time and space to share tales of various people. They may enjoy to learn about stories that crush their heart, but their own stories tend to lean toward hopeful (probably).

This forest-dweller in particular wants to widen their views of the world and so they try to find tales to share that speak of the struggles of life, at times similar to their own, sometimes a little less so, and tales from people of various cultures, and not just the mixed forest-dweller culture they grew up with.

About The Anny Blog

The Anny Blog is the blog and website for Anny Borg. As a blog, it’s mainly updated with reviews of games, animated shows, animated films, books, manga and comics, with a strong preference towards Japanese media, although Anny’s not shying away from work from other countries.

One can also find information about Anny’s creative writing on the website, with dedicated pages for their novels.

The Anny Blog started under the name Bitter Sweet Feathers, and Anny wrote a bit of everything on it. It soon turned to an interest blog, meaning Anny wrote on a variety of topics that interested them and the name changed to AN’s World. Over time it became more focused on Japanese media — particularly anime and visual novels. Today the focus is mainly on literature, including books, manga, comics and visual novels, though animated shows and films, games, audio dramas, music CDs and services will be reviewed from time to time.

All opinions on The Anny Blog are Anny’s honest opinions at the time of writing. They may be subject to change.

Awards & Nominations

Queer Indie’s 2022 Awards — 3rd place (tied) in Queer Lit: Youth