About Anny

Anny (any pronouns) is a mother, partner and the servant of a cat full-time and a blogger, illustrator and indie author when they find free time. They live in their hometown, Umeå, Sweden, enjoying the calm and quiet that comes from living in an environment described as “a park with buildings here and there”.

Anny has been a writer since a young age; starting creative writing at the age of nine and blogging in their teens, which both come from an interest in fiction. With a background in studying languages, Anny has been able to write reviews of fiction from various parts of the world in Swedish, Finnish, English and Japanese. They also have an interested in literary science, which they use when they take fiction apart for their blogging.

While Anny enjoys consuming dark and heart-breaking works, they wish to spread a message of hope and acceptance through their work. They write fiction that is LGBTQ+ inclusive, and some deal with mental health and illness. A common theme is overcoming one’s past and growing from acceptance of oneself and others. These are important to Anny, as they use queer labels — aromantic, asexual and agender — and know the challenges that come with both mental and physical illness.

They also write their blog as a way to manage pain from their chronic illnesses, and they hope to relieve others of their pain — even if just temporarily — through both their blog and their creative work.

Anny believes that all should have the right to enjoy their work and therefore chooses to publish their work for free at first, with books later published with some extra material, such as additional chapters, character profiles and illustrations.

About The Anny Blog

The Anny Blog is the blog and website for Anny Borg. As a blog, it’s mainly updated with reviews of games, animated shows, animated films, books, manga and comics, with a strong preference towards Japanese media, although Anny’s not shying away from work from other countries.

One can also find information about Anny’s creative writing on the website, with dedicated pages for their novels.

The Anny Blog started under the name Bitter Sweet Feathers, and Anny wrote a bit of everything on it. It soon turned to an interest blog, meaning Anny wrote on a variety of topics that interested them and the name changed to AN’s World. Over time it became more focused on Japanese media — particularly anime and visual novels. Today the focus is mainly on literature, including books, manga, comics and visual novels, though animated shows and films, games, audio dramas, music CDs and services will be reviewed from time to time.

All opinions on The Anny Blog are Anny’s honest opinion at the time of writing. They may be subject to change.

Awards & Nominations

Queer Indie’s 2022 Awards — 3rd place (tied) in Queer Lit: Youth